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AndroTaskman lets you throw your tasks away...

From the Store description:

A Taskmanager has never been so stylish and clearly arranged! ..it's a real joy to use it! Just long press the Menu button to open AndroTaskman.

- Show Tasks | Most used | Recent Apps!
- Swipe to Close Apps!
- Display up to 20 Apps!
- Long Press to "Close All Apps"
- AutoClose Feature, close selected apps automatically in background
- Many Styles&Colors
- Cool Open/Close Effects

Here's my mini-review of the companion app, AndroMenu Extra Buttons. The developers are proud that the two apps work well together.

From the multitasking views shown below, you can close a task or app by simply 'swiping' it away (in any direction). This is intuitive and works well - it's certainly less problematic than trying to tap the tiny red 'close' icons in the standard Symbian multitasking carousel:


Long pressing your Symbian phone's home button gives a grid view of running apps (almost taking us back to S60 days?), with (as the app name suggests) Android icons to give you an idea of what you're seeing. The middle icon shows your 'most used' (i.e. favourite) apps and effectively becomes a mini launcher. The third (bottom) tab is for 'recent' apps, see below for screenshot.


Note also the way battery and RAM stats are detailed at the top of the screen - very handy indeed.


The usual comprehensive SnakeSoft dialogs for configuration, focussing here on making sure certain apps either do or don't get shown in the pop-up multitasking view. So, for example, an always-on background utility might be something whose icon you don't want to have to stare at each day. In case you're wondering, the maximum number of application icons that can be shown in AndroTaskman is 20, which should be enough for most people.


You can also fiddle with the utility's cosmetics - I rather liked this rich red backdrop. In the screenshot (above right) I'm also looking at the 'Most recent' view. As the name suggests, this profers icons for the 'n' applications that have been used recently (remember you can set this number, up to 20).


You can also also opt for screenshots from each application to be used instead of icons. This looks very pretty, but you reduce the number of apps that can be displayed for selection, plus there's a definite performance penalty, since the utility has to take (and store) an update screenshot for each app after it's selected - this happens in the background, but I did notice the phone slowing down with AndroTaskman in this mode.

Combine the various views/launchers, plus the extra status information, and I can definitely recommend AndroTaskman to Symbian power users. It's true that you don't need it, but then it's a definite improvement on the built-in carousel, so I'm sure it will find a market.

You can buy AndroTaskman here in the Nokia Store.

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