lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Nintendo 2DS, Pebble, And Unikey

The Nintendo 2DS is just like a 3DS, except for the fact that it's cheaper and has no 3D. Deal breaker or deal maker? Meanwhile, Matt still seems to fancy the Pebble smartwatch, while the rest of us are sick of hearing about it. And finally, the Unikey Kevo (currently available for pre-order) will make its way into homes in about a month with plenty of competition from Lockitron and others. But which is the better product?

We discuss all this and more on the latest episode of the TC Gadgets podcast, featuring John Biggs, Matt Burns, Jordan Crook, and Darrell Etherington.


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Intro Music by Rick Barr.

The UniKey powered Kwikset Kevo is the only true touch-to-open smart lock, requiring no interaction with your phone, providing hassle-free entry. UniKey is a leader in automated access and interaction technology. With UniKey "touch-to-open" technology, a smartphone can stay in a pocket or purse to keep hands free. We serve the mass market by licensing our patent-pending technology. We work in partnerships with trusted market leading companies, including Kwikset for the residential application in North America. We can get to...

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Nintendo, a technology company widely known for its line of game consoles, was actually founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. It began as a Card Game company and evolved into one of the largest Japanese companies with a Market Capitalization of over $85 billion. It's most recent game console, the Wii, has been one of the most difficult consumer devices to buy, because of such high demand. Nintendo of America is consistently amazed and humbled by the passion and...

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Pebble is an infinitely customizable e-paper watch. Pebble is infinitely customizable, with downloadable watchfaces and useful internet-connected apps. Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. Pebble's designers strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life.

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