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Twitition receives celebrity status

We received some excellent news this week that we're really happy about and couldn't resist sharing. Our amazing tool Twitition has been awarded verified-account status on Twitter.

In case you haven't already tried out Twitition, it's a Twitter utility that allows users to create, sign and share petitions with people on Twitter.

Some of the most popular Twititions to date have included 'Bring 1D to NYC', 'We Want Season 2 For "The Secret Circle"' and 'Get @Rileyy_69 off Twitter'.

This status is usually reserved for high-profile celebrities such as those in the music, film- or TV-industry, or global news platforms (e.g. Mashable), so you can see why we're so happy that we have achieved this prestigious status.

Although Twitter doesn't reveal too many details about its process for verifying accounts, its FAQs state:

Twitter proactively verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for users to find who they're looking for. We concentrate on highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key interest areas. We verify business partners from time to time and individuals at high risk of impersonation.

What's different about a verified account?

The most obvious difference from a user perspective is the blue-tick logo that appears alongside a verified account so that all users can clearly recognise that it is officially verified.

Another obvious difference is that on the profile of the Twitter account, under Tweets, users can choose to view all tweets from @TheVerifiedUser or to filter out @replies from @TheVerifiedUser to @OtherUsers, as in the example below.

This means that the tweets that appear on @TheVerifiedUser's profile page won't be cluttered with @replies to other users, keeping the feed focused and all about what the fans want to see.

Another benefit to having verified-account status is that verified user can see analytics relating to their account, such as:

  • Number of:
    • Mentions, follows and unfollows over specific time periods;
    • Favourites, retweets and replies;
    • Tweets that include the verified user's website URL over various time periods;
    • Verified user's website links that have been clicked on Twitter regardless of who they were tweeted by;
  • Link stats that show no. of shares (on Twitter) and no. of click-throughs;
  • Effectiveness of onsite tweet-button integration by showing the number of tweets that have come from the tweet button;
  • Best tweets according to engagement level.

We're delighted that Twitition has been awarded verified-account status and are now eagerly anticipating the same for our other awesome Twitter tool, Competwition.

Competwition, if you didn't already know, is a completely free service that enables brands or individuals to create prize draws for Twitter users. Users enter competwitions completely free of charge using just their Twitter handle – and when they do, they follow the competwition creator and tweet out a link to their competwition, helping it spread virally throughout the Twittersphere.

BY Laura Crimmons AT 12:01pm ON Friday, 31 August 2012

With a degree and a background in PR, Laura is an experienced creative-thinker and has worked with worldwide brands to find the best opportunities for them to engage with new and existing customers. Laura works across our SEO and Social Media & Online PR teams on blogger relations and exploring new social media opportunities.

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